Setup - You Will Benefit From The Color White In All Respects Attic Apartment

To the penthouse setting up ideas in white

We want to introduce an inspiration in white today. It is suitable for any kind of Interior. Top floor would benefit from this probably the most. The ideas for establishing a rooftop apartment are already there, you need to access only! Our current model presents a mansard in the Slovakia, in the capital city Bratislava.

The off goose situation

Those who set up a loft in relatively poor condition, should be careful especially. As was the situation in this particular case. The Studio, which focused on this, called At26. It found the attic in a bad state and describes it as a pigeon House. But what was it, certainly do you wonder! Viewing the images below!

You should recognize the potential in an any building that somehow appeals to you. Also a so derelict attic can be converted by appropriate methods in a dream apartment.

Make clean

It is probably obvious, the first thing that made the architect and interior designer, was thoroughly to clean the attic. You should also do this if you want to set up an old roof apartment. Such an approach would offer you the opportunity to understand the exact state of the apartment above.

In this case, a part of the materials, supporting structures and panels had to be replaced. Others were, however, still continue to use. The roof was good in this respect, the exterior required a careful renovation.

The minimalist concept is an idea which is subsequently invaded the interior designers. Even it happened by accident, you can say. You have deleted only the roof boards in this nuance. Then they came to perform everything in white. After a short deliberation, there was no doubt more, that this represents the most appropriate concept.

Penthouse apartment set - Visual magnification and a Northern style

The Slovakia is among the European countries with the coldest winter. This is because there are many mountainous regions. It may be that this characteristic leads to some similarities in style and taste with northern countries. For this reason, a "white" style fits you would associate rather than Scandinavian.

92 square meters only in white

Certainly, you are now curious how would feel as an absolutely white great room. We were also and have us so everything from nearby looked at. What we have found is that there are also quite a lot of variety within this white interior. The other colors have been selected so they don't get in competition to the shading of the shining snow.

They reinforce the impression that designers and residents have decided for the Scandinavian style. It occurs all over the place in its most advanced form.

Only a few loose and playful ethnic elements provide a certain exoticism within this design concept.

Penthouse apartment set - combination with wood

The ground, as well as many accent walls are made of wood. In places where white would be totally impractical, designer also used wood. It provides for near-natural and is so neutral that it competes the White gloss definitely not. Side by side not seldom occur in nature both shades. We might be here with a symbolization of the mountain areas affected by snow to do? They consider particularly emotionally Slovaks. They are one of the most important features of their home.

Flash accents that the most dominate in the nursery

All premises pimp Flash accents this beautiful white flat landscape on. But the whole thing at various points was scattered with green accents. Everywhere, it has thought of this penthouse apartment set up. They are in the form of Chair cushions, toys, flower vases and pots.

At one point they dominate heavily, and this is the nursery. There, we have white walls and snow white ceiling, and a wooden floor. But there is the Red seating, as well as the shelves, which are full of colorful toys.

Taking up the triangle shape

Compare the images and you would realize that are time and again repeated the same forms. The triangle ceiling is resumed in the somewhat extravagant stair-step design. Almost all the remaining facility is square or rectangular. As well as the blind forms on the ceiling level.

This uniformity ensures a sense of perfectionism, security, tranquility. You feel just fine in this modern furnished apartment.

The great seating niches in the vicinity of the window provide extremely a lot of romance.

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